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Sirkin Law, California Probate Attorney, Probate, Los Angeles Probate Lawyer  Call our experienced and area specialist Los Angeles probate attorney who can counsel you about probate questions and the Ca probate process and intestate succession laws.


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Mina Sirkin handled the estate of my brother. This was most difficult since my brother lived in Venice California and I live in Yardley, Pennsylvania. From the out set Mina Sirkin provided me with all the information I needed to understand the legal aspects as well as my obligations. All matters throughout the probate process were handled very professionally, yet with care and concern for me the client. Most outstanding was the very efficient and effective way the legal problems and issues were handled, always with a very positive outcome for me the client. I am most appreciative that the entire probate process was handled without the need for me to make a trip to California.

What particularly distinguishes the services I received from the Sirkin law firm was the expert advice I received in a timely manner on all the numerous related details that I needed to attend to to settle the estate. They were honorable in all their dealings, and most importantly in their billing.

I would certainly use the services of the Sirkin law firm in the future and have no hesitation in recommending their services to relatives, friends and acquaintances.”
Herb. S.

Los Angeles Probate Lawyer; Los Angeles Estate Planning, Wills and Trusts; Elder Law


I have known Mina Sirkin for seven years. Mina is a life long learner, who puts the time and effort into staying on top of current events for estate law. This type of approach is very important for navigating the current times we are in; massive volatility in finances with commensurate changes in estate valuations which is coupled with unknown estate tax laws driven by the recent changes in government. You need someone who can help you address this uncertainty, rather than use a business-as-usual approach." Brad W.



Our Los Angeles probate attorney team can help you administer California Probate and Living Trust Estates in accordance with California Probate Law and the California Probate Code. We practice in all California Probate courts.


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In Law, finding the best fitting probate attorney in Los Angeles, and your search for the precisely right estate attorney or lawyer does not need to be challenging.  Probate Expert Los Angeles probate lawyers helping heirs in resolving probate and trust litigation distribution issues since 1992. Our friendly probate law firm has over 26 years of experience in Los Angeles probate.  

Are you a probate estate beneficiary having problems with an executor or other beneficiary in an estate case?  Chances are there is an estate lawyer involved and disputes about the manner of distribution of estate's probate assets in probate court.  We are a creative team of probate estate lawyers and attorneys who can find creative law solutions in probate estate and beneficiary disputes in Los Angeles.

Get clear answers and solutions from our Los Angeles Probate Specialist Lawyer.

Los Angeles Probate : Sirkin & Sirkin started their professional probate practice in Los Angeles, California in 1993, serving the Los Angeles community with wills, probate, trust, estate planning and conservatorship law services in California.   Our estate law firm provides expert legal advice, probate service and advocacy in probate and estate litigation, Trust litigation, and Conservatorships in all Los Angeles courts. Probate law is our expertise. When needing advice regarding simple or complex probate matters, we are your source to finding top solutions.  Our Los Angeles Probate attorneys are advocates in probate, and only practice in probate, estate, conservatorship and trust litigation related matters. Our trust litigation lawyers advocate for trustees, heirs and beneficiaries in obtaining the best results whether in litigation, mediation, trial, or in settlement of trust and probate disputes.

Download the Los Angeles Probate Guidelines here.

Ask our Los Angeles Probate Lawyer to help you with your probate case. Our expert  Los Angeles Trust Attorney, and our California Trust Lawyer and Probate Attorney are ready to assist you with planning your estate and providing you with our best service in connection with protection of your estate and living trust. We are readily familiar with California Laws and can advise you regarding Probate law in California. Our goal is to provide you and your family with peace of mind in knowing your estate plan and family wealth is protected and will be distributed to your heirs and beneficiaries in accordance with your wishes. Probate Law Lawyers.

Our Los Angeles Trust Lawyer can provide pertinent advice in determining the right estate planning tools for your family. Our California Probate lawyer serves all of Los Angeles County area Superior Probate Court departments, as well as several other counties in California. Our LA area main office is located in Woodland Hills, California, which serves all of Los Angeles, and the San Fernando Valley.  We have several locations in Los Angeles. Our clients contact our lawyer and attorney for advice on trusts, wills, probate and estate matters.  Our probate and trust litigation counsel handle trials and mediations to suit your particular situation.

Call to meet our qualified Los Angeles Probate Lawyer in Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley and Glendale today. Trust Attorney

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Dementia Lawyer Los Angeles:  We help families with elder members with dementia who need care and legal planning.

Elder Protection:  We assist elders whose assets are at risk, but implementing trusts and instruments to prevent undue influence and fraud.  Elder or Disabled Parent Competency Disputes.

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Mina N. Sirkin is a Board Certified Specialist attorney in the areas of Estate Planning, Probate and Trust Law by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization.

Call today to meet our California Probate Lawyers today.

Evan R. Sirkin is an experienced Estate Planning, and Trust Lawyer. Mr. Sirkin mediates Probate and Trust matters, and has served as a probate and trust mediator for over 20 years.

Marilyn Mamann (1946-2010).

We are members of the Trust and Estates Section of the State Bar of California, the American Bar Association, the Trusts and Estates Section of the Los Angeles County Bar Association, Trusts & Estates Section of the Beverly Hills Bar Association, and the San Fernando Valley Bar Association.

Los Angeles Probate Lawyer

Probate Lawyers & Counselors

Our area speailists in Los Angeles Probate Lawyers are experienced in filing Probate Petitions, and in interpreting nuances of the the California Probate law. Whether an estate needs to be probated depends entirely on the nature and size of the decedent's assets. Ask our California Probate Lawyers about your particular situation. Providing guidance in estate and probate matters enables our firm to serve families of decedents by alleviating conflicts, and unburdening the family which would otherwise wade through a tremendous amount of paper in an area which requires daily contact with beneficiaries, and courts. Email us here to request a Probate Fee Schedule and Retainer Agreement.

Los Angeles Probate Attorney


Los Angeles Probate Attorney, Mina Sirkin is routinely present in probate hearings in the following Los Angeles County Probate Court departments: Departments 5, 9, 29, 11, 67, 79, and 99 of the Los Angeles Superior Court (Downtown).  Additionally, we are able to handle probate hearings in all Courts of the State of California.

As of June 5, 2017, the Los Angeles Probate Court requires electronic filings for attorneys.   We can assist you in filing documents quickly and efficiently in Los Angeles.  To check the status or case summary of an existing probate case see Probate Case Summary.   Probate Notes are the Court's way of asking for more information from the litigants.  We can help you comply with the probate notes in Los Angeles.

The Probate Court in Los Angeles also has numerous local rules within the County. We can assist you in preparing and filing your probate documents and papers.

If you are unsure where to file your probate papers, or what document you should file, or if  you are faced with objections presented in a probate case, we are your resource and can advise you facts and law which can change the course of your case.


Normal Probate Fees are commonly charged based on a California law or statute, called Statutory Fees.  You can view examples of probate fees on our probate fee schedule.   If you have probate litigation, court confirmed sales, or tax matters, there are additional charges called Extra-Ordinary Fees. 

Our ordinary probate fees are calculated based on the California Statutory Fee laws. Click here to ask us about our probate retainer process.


Do you need an explanation for Los Angeles County's Probate Procedures?


While California Probate laws are intended to be uniform, each county in California also has local probate rules and are generally intended to protect beneficiaries. Local probate rules can differ from county to county within California.  Each member of our California Probate Lawyer team is familiar with the local probate rules and can assist you in your probate case in all California counties.


Estate administration in Los Angeles is a complicated process.    There are deadlines to file the will in court, as are deadlines in preparing the inventory, creditor claims, and accountings.   We can make the estate administration process simple for you.


Creation and administration of living trusts (Revocable Trusts) has become a very important aspect of the legal practice of estate planning in Los Angeles.  The courts in California are not equipped with the time resources for the generation of baby boomers which are approaching their later years.  Each of our estate planning lawyer team members have over 25 years of experience in preparing estate plans and administering them.

Creating your estate plan and family trust takes a few simple steps and can preserve and protect your hard earned money and assets for your loved ones. Our Ca Trust and Probate Law & Estate Planning Lawyers in Los Angeles advise you based on your family and life goals.

Our firm philosophy is based on four life goals for our clients:

1. Form a Family Trust (Revocable Trust)
2. Fund your Family Trust;
3. Keep your Family Trust updated.

4.    Have the Successor Trustee distribute the Family Trust assets  without Probate.

We have a follow up system that helps keep our clients informed and encourage our clients to update their estate plans.  Email us here to request a Free Trust Information Package here.

Trust Administration Attorney in Los Angeles

Administration of estate plans is a routine part of our practice.  A Living Trust can help by allowing the family to privately administer and distribute the assets of the decedent in the most economic and time efficient manner. The process of creating a trust generally takes two appointments, a small effort to avoid the process of probate. To request a family information package which lists the documents which you need to create a California Living Trust, click this link and we will be happy to email or mail you our family information package. Our Los Angeles Trust Attorney handles estate planning and trust administration matters. Our Living Trust Lawyers can assist you in protecting your family and your loved ones from the expenses of Probate. Call our law office for more information and ask for an appointment with our Wealth Protection Lawyers. Click here for our Trust Administration Information Kit here.


"Just as laws change, so should your estate plan to reflect the latest changes in the law and your life."

We commonly review old trusts prepared by other law firms and bring them up-to-date or amend them.  Modifying your estate plan after death of a settlor or trustee is technical and should not be done without an attorney.  Please let us know in advance if you have an existing trust which needs a review.  As long as a trust is revocable, it can be amended and updated.   If a trust has become irrevocable, there are other available methods to modify it by court order.

Normally, the family trust provides for the method of revocation or amendment to the trust. These requirements have to be met exactly for the amendment to be effective.

Email here to ask us about creating or updating a family trust.




While many firms prepare living trusts, there are few which settle or administer and settle living trusts. Trust administration after death is as important, if not more important, than the creation of the trust. Many small details can derail the proper distribution of the trust assets and we are equipped to handle the administration as well as the creation of trusts with ease and expertise. We are here for you during life and maintain a life-long relationship with you and your family. Our Wealth Protection Lawyers can assist your heirs in continuous protection of your hard-earned wealth. Our Los Angeles Trust Administration Lawyers have represented four generations of clients in wealth planning and can provide help during a very difficult time.

Click here to obtain information on administering a trust after death of a trustor.



Trust and Estate Litigation in California

Beneficiaries and trustees often feel frustrated with the Los Angeles probate court.  They probate court system was not made for the volume of cases now in this court.   The Los Angeles Probate Court has an average of 16,000 new probate filings each year.   With newarly eight probate departments, the probate steps which need to be taken have become more complicated each year.  When describing their case, clients often ask:"Is it a will contest, or trust litigation?"  The answer is:  Sometimes, a case involves both a will contest, and trust litigation. Questioning the validity of a trust or amendment, sometimes leads to filing a will contest as well.    Often, beneficiaries and estate administrators or trustees do not agree on the manner of distribution of estates. Litigation in the Trust and Probate areas is complicated by the duality of the probate and trust proceedings. We litigate both in the trust and probate areas and settle matters appropriately. Los Angeles Probate Courts are now encouraging parties to enter the mediation process in order to streamline and assist parties in settling the matters which affect families of decedents. Our California Will Contest attorney can assist you in planning your case in Los Angeles. Effective preparation of a will contest case for trial is a necessary element of a successful mediation. Serving our client means a committed review of all facts and the probate and trust laws and advising our clients of the manner in which the case can be most effectively handled.

Email us  here if you need information on how to retain us as your will contest or  trust litigation counsel.


Beneficiary Disputes Lawyer in Los Angeles

Some examples of beneficiary disputes may be where a beneficiary has a disagreement with another potential beneficiary over what asset should be in the probate estate or trust estate. Others involve designations of beneficiaries when the principal lacked capacity or was unduly influenced to execute beneficiary designation forms after an illness.

If a beneficiary form has been altered, there may be multiple causes of action arising from such an action. It becomes extremely important to seek counsel immediately upon discovery of such an event to allow for filing of an action to freeze the beneficiary account or policies which would otherwise be distributed by law. Will contests and trust contests are common litigation tools in this area.

At times, there may be disputes between a beneficiary and a successor trustee or executor where the trustee fails to make timely distributions before or after an accounting.


Email us here if you need information on a beneficiary form dispute case.


California Attorney for Trust & Probate Accounting

Has a trustee or probate executor failed to give you an accounting? We can ask the court for a petition ordering the executor or trustee to account. Statute of Limitations for breaches of fiduciary duty are short and require immediate action by beneficiaries to obtain accountings.

Accounting actions may arise in of the following areas:

1. When a Probate Executor or Administrator fails to account.

2. When a Probate Executor or Administrator accounts but the accounting is objectionable because it is incomplete and/or inaccurate.

3. When a trustee fails to account.

4. When a trustee accounts but the accounting is objectionable because it is incomplete and/ or inaccurate..

5. When an agent under a power of attorney document fails to account.

6. When an agent under a power of attorney accounts, but the accounting is incomplete or is inaccurate.

7. When a guardian of estate fails to account.

8. When a guardian of estate accounts but the accounting is objectionable because it is incomplete and/or inaccurate.

9. When you believe there is an asset which the fiduciary had to inventory and account for and has failed to show that asset on an accounting.

10.  When a probate executor or trustee becomes incapacitated or dies, and has failed to do an accounting, an action to compel an accounting may be filed, and will be ordered by the court.

Click here to receive more information on Accounting Actions.


Breach of Fiduciary Litigation Attorney

We represent beneficiaries in contested accounting matters where there are questionable actions taken by a trustee, executor or administrator. Our goal is to assist our clients with recovery of estate and trust assets from the fiduciary. By the same token, we are able to defend fiduciaries where the former trustee or administrator is sued by a beneficiary. If you are an out-of-state fiduciary or beneficiary and need representation, our Los Angeles Lawyers are able to evaluate and consult in your case to prevent and redress any breaches of fiduciary duty.

Missing inventories, mismanaged trusts, estates, conservatorships, Power of Attorney cases, and guardianships all fall under this category. California holds the fiduciaries to the Prudent Investor Rules and this area has become a growing area of litigation in the last few years.


Click here to have us evaluate your Breach of Fiduciary Duty Case.


California Wills Trusts Attorneys

Most people question whether traditional wills are still used in estate planning. The type of will which is created with a trust is generally referred to as a Pour Over Will, which is different than the traditional wills. There are times where the traditional can be used. Additionally, where a client requires court supervision of distribution, the traditional will is still a viable instrument.   Wills and trusts are usually integrated and our attorney can help you implement and integrate both in your estate plan.  Wills and Trusts attorneys help clients with finding ways to avoid probate.   Family dynamics are considered when planning for a will or trust.

Los Angeles Special Needs Trust

There are several goals that can be accomplished with a Special Needs Trust. 1) Providing for a person to care for the needs of the disabled person; 2) Insuring that the disabled individual will qualify for SSI, and Medi-Cal, should the need arise, and still be able to inherit assets or use litigation proceeds; 3) Providing for the extras that the government does not otherwise provide for the disabled person. If you have concerns about a disabled person's future, consult us, regarding creation and implementation of a California Special Needs Trust. Click here to request our Free Special Needs Family Kit here.


Click here to read more about special needs planning.

Conservatorship Attorney

A conservatorship lawyer serves two functions:  1) help the elderly manage their persona life; and 2) Prevent the elderly from giving away their assets to unscrupulous individuals, and sometimes, family members. The California Conservatorship procedure is intended to assist families whose loved ones are incapacitated. A Conservatorship of a person allows the conservator to make all medical decisions for the incapacitated person, A Conservatorship of the Estate is obtained to manage the financial aspects of the incapacitated persons life. This process is most appropriate for any person who is is no longer able to make decisions, such as Alzheimer's and dementia patients. A will or trust can be created for the incapacitated person within a conservatorship.   Establishing conservatorships is a main part of our job. We help family members protect the elderly, and  prevent  other family members from reaching the assets of the elder for their personal use.

When you become our client as a California Conservator, you will watch our trademarked Conservatorship Training video presentation and take our Conservatorship E-Course in addition to the personal and hands-on advice from our conservatorship attorney.  Get a conservatorship in Los Angeles California.

MOVING A CONSERVATORSHIP FROM LOS ANGELES OR TO LOS ANGELES COUNTY:  We can help you transfer a conservatorship to Los Angeles California, or assist with moving a California conservatorship to another state. Our attorney handles moving conservatorships from and to Los Angeles County.   We collaborate with out-of-state attorneys or out-of-county attorneys regarding changes of conservatorship jurisdiction.   We have also successfully assisted in filing conservatorship pleadings requesting the court to move a conservatee out of the United States.

Read Our Article regarding Conservatorships.

We can assist you in both probate full conservatorship of estate and person or in the Developmentally Disabled Conservatorships in limited conservatorships.  This type of conservatorship is also called a limited conservatorship.  In limited conservatorships there are seven powers which are commonly requested by the  parent for the benefit of the special needs child.   We also help parents of special needs children establish and administer a special needs trust plan with proper planning for the future  of a special needs child.

Untreated mental health issues sometimes lead to alcohol or substance abuse. If you child has a need for care due to alcohol or drug use, call us for advice regarding establishing a conservatorship.

California Guardianship

The most important decision you will make as a parent of a minor child is to name the right guardian for him or her in your absence. In fact, selecting the right guardian or the wrong guardian can forever change the course of your child's life. Family protection can be easy if you follow our recommended course of action.

Who is best suited to act as a guardian can be determined by developing a list of potential guardians, matching them to your list of values, obtaining permission from the guardians to act, and implementing a nomination. An anti-nomination clause can be used to prevent appointment of people you absolutely would not want as guardians of your child. We have automated that process for you to make sure your children will never be at the mercy of the courts in selecting someone other than the person(s) you would select.

Email us here for questions about a guardianship.

The affairs of Minors and their assets are managed in guardianships. Guardianship matters usually involve one of several situations: When a parent is deceased and a minor is in need of an alternate person who can make decisions on his or her behalf; When there is no parent who can make decisions for a minor. When minors are disabled and receive litigation proceeds or inherit, guardianships are created to assist in managing the assets of the minor. California Probate Code requires that assets of the minor be placed in blocked accounts, or a bond be issued for the guardian.

Guardians can be categorized in two general categories:

Guardian of Estate: This a person who manages the assets or money of a minor.

Guardian of Person: This is a person with whom the minor will live if the parents are deceased.

Click here to obtain more information on conservatorships or guardianships in California.

Family Limited Partnerships: This entity is useful for estate tax planning purposes as well as asset protection purposes. Many people are engaged in the management of real property and an benefit from the estate tax discounts which are available by the proper creation of an FLP. Consult us on what assets are suitable for this entity, as it cannot contain any personal assets.

Medi-Cal Eligibility Planning in Los Angeles & San Fernando Valley

On a daily basis, we are asked to assist elderly persons qualify for Medi-Cal, in order to pay for long term care. There are many avenues which remain open for planning. Use our services to properly qualify your loved ones, and to protect their estate from dissipating. Read the Medi-Cal eligibility guidelines.

Medi-Cal Recovery Protection Planning in Los Angeles & the Valley

As most Medi-Cal recipients ask, “can anything be done to prevent Medi-Cal from recovering assets upon death?” Yes, there are currently several legal ways to prevent Medi-Cal from recovering assets. Call us to receive the appropriate advice and plan for recovery prevention planning. Read the Medi-Cal Recovery FAQ.  As of 2017, there are new laws which allow us to  protect assets from the reach of Medi-Cal (Medicaid) after the death of the Medi-Cal beneficiary or recipient. 


Elder Law and Estate Planning Attorney Woodland Hills

Many of our clients call us to protect their elderly family members.   There are several ways we can protect elders from undue influence and fraud by others.    If you believe that a family member, caregiver or other person is attempting to defraud an elder, call our elder protection lawyer, Mina Sirkin at 818.340.4479.

San Fernando Valley Conservatorship / Elder Abuse Litigation

As the baby boomers get older, so too grows the needs of that generation with regard to available services from the government. Additionally, the elder population is most often subject of abuses by unscrupulous individuals and caretakers. California now has a variety of laws which protect the elderly, both physically, and financially. If you are concerned about an elderly person being financially abused, please contact us to discuss the matter.

Fraud by a fiduciary, trust fraud, and estate fraud cases typically include breach of fiduciary duty actions. There are many cases where the abuse is with intent to defraud. While the culprit may start as a small-time operator, he may continue to steal small amounts which end up being large amounts over a few year, or alternatively the fraud may occur in one or more large financial transactions. Probate Lawyers Los Angeles are Lawyers practicing probate and trust law in all Los Angeles County California courts.


Similarly, abuses are not always ill intended and may merely involve a disabled child or mentally ill child who happens to be the trustee and who has lived in the property of the decedent or ill person where this was customary years ago. For example, a child who is a conservator for his mother may think he or she is doing the right thing, when in he or she may have breached his or her fiduciary duty or improperly used his or her mother's assets.

Fiduciary fraud can involve financial assets, the illegal transfer of real estate, or fraud involving personal property. Illegal transfers of deeds, accounts, insurance policies, and pension death benefits all fall under this areas.

Post-Death QDRO Litigation

Did you obtain a divorce judgment and find out that your divorce order was incomplete in protecting your interest in your spouse's pension? We can help you resolve post-death QDRO litigation. Depending on the nature and type of pension, ERISA rules vary from California rules. Ask us to evaluate your divorce order for post-divorce pension issues.

Click here to ask about our QDRO services.


Life Insurance Beneficiary Litigation in Los Angeles

Making sure your life insurance policy is effective and up-to-date is an important part of estate planning. If you have minor children or a disabled spouse or child, it is important to keep the insurance in place to pay for any needs of that beneficiary. However, a minor or disabled person should never be named as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy. An adult beneficiary as a trustee for the minor or a trust should be named as the beneficiary of a policy for the benefit of a minor. A special needs trust should be created to receive life insurance proceeds on behalf of a disabled individual. Keeping an adequate amount of life insurance is another important part of estate planning. As there are many different types of life insurance, each type has a different purpose. Ask us to guide you as to the amount needed as we examine your estate plan and your debt. Los Angeles Lawyers practicing probate and trust in and near Los Angeles California.


Life Insurance and Annuity Interpleader Litigation

Many times there are disputes between beneficiaries of life insurance policies. More common disputes in this area involve whether a beneficiary designation was made against California law. Additionally, often there are issues of whether the policy owner had the right to modify a beneficiary designation for lack of capacity or lack of authority. We can help you litigate, settle and collect insurance policies. Don't wait until the life insurance company acts to interplead the funds, call us to determine if you may have a cause of action which needs to be handled.

Email us here to obtain more information on how we evaluate Life Insurance Litigation Cases.

IRA & Pension Beneficiary Litigation 

Has your spouse changed the beneficiary of a pension without your authorization? Has a pension administrator or employer failed to deliver pension proceeds to you? We can assist you in collecting from ERISA Plans, Non-ERISA Plans, IRA Accounts, 401 (k) Plans, and other qualified pensions plans. Please remember that California laws differ from Federal Pension laws and we can help you find the correct path to collecting your interest in the pension. Our Los Angeles Lawyers practice Probate and Trust law in and near Los Angeles towns and areas.  Common disputes over IRA and Pension beneficiary designations revolve around late changes in beneficiary designations.  Undue influence and coersion play large parts in this type of dispute about IRA and Pension accounts.   Common parties are spouses, children, and domestic partners.

Email us here to inquire about our Pension & ERISA Plan litigation services.

Fiduciary Law Representation: We represent family fiduciaries, as well as private professional fiduciaries in administration and litigation in the probate, trust, and conservatorship areas in Los Angeles.    Contact us for additional information on how we defend fiduciaries and minimize risk to our  trustees of trusts, executors of estates, and conservators in conservatorships cases in Los Angeles.   Private conservator and private trustees serve the needs of thsoe who wish for a third party supervision of assets.

Practice Administrator in Probate & Trust Matters

We have administered thousands of trusts and estates.  If you have a probate or trust practice which requires a practice adminbistrator, or of you are an attorney who is looking to retire in the probate and trust areas, call our Los Angeles Probate Lawyer. 

Intestate Succession in Los Angeles County : ProbateLawyerLosAngeles.com

What does dying intestate mean?  Intestate mean dying without a will.  When death happens and no will is found, California law if intestacy is followed to determine the heirs. We guide families in probate of wills, intestate succession, no will situations. We also handle lost will cases.  If a loved one died without a will and you are concerned about intestacy, please contact our office.   Call us for a free consultation, if your loved one died without a will in Los Angeles County California and the San Fernando Valley.   We offer a free consultation in all will and probate matters.  Call 818.340.4479 or email us: Info@SirkinLaw.com

          To call us, contact ProbateLawyerLosAngeles:

         818.340.4479 Contact  Los Angeles Probate Lawyer

Los Angeles Probate Lawyer  LosAngelesProbateLawyer


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California Probate Code 13100-13101: Affidavit of Small Estate



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Has someone claimed to be a life insurance or pension beneficiary to which you believe you are entitled? Click here.

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